Do Not Disturb:How To Fix Hotel Doors That Won't Open

Commercial locksmiths repair all kinds of locks, none of which are more important than those that secure a living space or human dwelling. Although not exclusive to the use of plastic key cards, hotels are the only businesses where the key cards grant access for the purpose of sleeping, resting, eating, dressing and restroom facilities. When those key cards fail to open a room door, you need a commercial locksmith to fix the problem. Here are the usual steps a locksmith will take to fix these locks in your hotel.

Determining the Type of Lock

Hotel doors typically use one of three types of key card locks. The first uses a system of holes in the key card and LED lights inside the door lock. When the correct key card is used, the LED lights are blocked or shine through the holes, allowing the tumblers inside the door lock to move into position and the door opens. The most common problem with this first type of lock is that the LED lights have burned out or are not functioning the way that they should.

The second type of hotel door lock utilizes a magnetic component to move and release the internal tumblers. The magnetic strip on the key card pulls the tumblers toward it, releasing the lock. Because the key card uses a magnetic strip, it can wear out with frequent use. Short of a duplicate key card with a fresh magnetic strip, the lock has to be replaced entirely.

The third type of lock, which is quite new, uses close proximity technology to unlock the door. The internal locking mechanism recognizes the matching key card when you bring it close to the door pad. The problem with these locks is typically electronic or electric.

Diagnosing and Fixing the Problem

Once your locksmith knows which type of key card lock your hotel uses, he or she knows what kind of problem to look for.  If you have more than one door with this problem, the commercial locksmith will address each in turn. Repairing the locks could include taking apart the locks and repairing electronic mechanisms to replacing the LED lights or circuits that receive the information from the key cards.

Consider Replacing Your Outdated Key Card Locks

The older your locks are, the more likely they will have problems. Eventually, your hotel's key cards may not open your locks at all. If that is the case, a commercial locksmith can replace all of your key card locks too. To have your commercial locks replaced, contact Irvine Lock & Key