Teenager Staying Home Alone? 4 Ways A Locksmith Can Help

Letting a teenager stay home alone for the first time is a big responsibility. Safety is one of the most important factors as the teenager will be responsible for getting in and out of the house while keeping it secure at the same time.

As you prepare for your teenager's first foray into being alone, a locksmith such as A Aable Locksmith can help set up in different ways. The following tips and methods can apply to all types of homes and security setups that you may have.

Number Pad Locks

It's bad enough when teenagers lose homework, clothes, or their wallet. Losing a house key can keep them locked out for hours at a time. Instead of giving them a key to use on a home, one of the main doors can have a number pad lock installed. When a locksmith installs a number pad lock, your child can have a unique code to access the home.

Newer smart locks, allow you to monitor the use of this code to help track various activities. No key is needed and the teenager can enter the home when needed. The same number pad lock can be used to automatically lock the house when the door is shut, adding extra protection in case the child forgets to lock the door.

Master Key Systems

Letting your child have reins over the home doesn't mean that they should get access to every room. This is where a locksmith comes in. By having a master key system set in place, you can limit the access that your child has. For instance, your master key will be able to access every room in the home. A teenager's copied key will be cut to only fit the front or back door.

This gives you extra protection to keep your personal bedroom or another private space like a liquor cabinet locked.

Emergency Key Locations

Locksmiths offer a variety of products to help you hide keys in case of an emergency. For example, if the teenager gets locked out, an emergency key will be available for easy access. Instead of just leaving the key under the mat, locksmiths offer concealed exterior decorations. Fake rocks, animal statues, birdhouses, and fake sprinklers are all sold with hidden compartments where a spare key is stored.

Security Check

Before leaving your home, a locksmith can help your teenager feel as safe as possible. A detailed security check will ensure that locks work properly on all of the doors and windows. Repairs can be made if needed and a locksmith may recommend some security upgrades.

Taking as many precautions as possible can help ease your stress and worry when a child makes the leap and decides to stay home alone.