Why Your Business Should Consider Investing In Keyless Access Control

If you've been thinking about tightening up security around your commercial property, you might want to consider investing in a keyless lock system. Keyless locks give you more precise control over staff access to the building. As a result, these systems have grown in popularity for businesses of all sizes. If you're on the fence about investing in these new access control systems, here are several benefits to consider that may help you decide.

Tight Security and Access Control

You can find keyless access systems that use all kinds of options, including Bluetooth proximity chips, access control codes and biometric scanners. These systems allow you more opportunities to tighten your building security and refine the access control permissions. If your lock system depends on access codes, you can issue unique codes to each employee, which allows you to easily monitor who is accessing which parts of the building.

Since this type of access control system depends on a database and a central server, it gives you the freedom to regulate access quickly and easily – simply by changing a code or permission setting on the server. You can also save access reports for future reference, in case there's ever any questions about something that may have happened.

No Keys to Misplace

One of the most common issues for small businesses is having to rekey the building's locks due to an employee's misplaced key. When you make the transition to a keyless access control system, you won't have to spend the money on rekeying anymore. This is also beneficial when you have employee turnover. You can disable that employee's access code quickly, giving you full control over preventing their future access. There's no more concern of a dishonest employee having a copy of the key and gaining access to the building after hours.

System Access from Virtually Anywhere

When your keyless access system uses tools like Bluetooth proximity sensors or central server controls, you might be able to access the server from a remote location. For example, if a contractor or service provider calls needing access to the building and you aren't in the area, you might be able to access the database remotely to unlock a door.

With that remote access, you may even be able to integrate your building surveillance system. This gives you video footage of anyone trying to access your building. With a streaming service that allows you remote visibility to the footage, you can check the surveillance video to ensure that the people accessing your building are authorized before you unlock a door.

Talk with a commercial locksmith or other access control specialist (such as Fradon Lock Co Inc) to help you find the right system for your company's needs.