Unusual Places To Hide Valuables

If you are planning on storing deeds, jewelry, large sums of cash, or any other valuables for an extended period of time, you are going to want to make sure that you get a safe that is bolted to the floor in order to increase the overall security of these valuables, since a burglar will be willing to tear your house apart if he or she has enough time. However, if you are only storing valuables for a short period of time, you might not want to invest in a safe. Here are some cheap ways to hide your valuables so that it will be very unlikely that a thief discovers them.

1. Freezer

The first place where you might want to try storing your valuables is in the freezer. This is best for valuables that will not be harmed by the cold and will thaw quickly, such as stacks of cash or documents. In order to store this type of valuable, take a medium-sized plastic bag that can be sealed and place the cash or the documents inside of it, being sure to fold the document carefully if need be. Seal the baggie and place a piece of tape over the seal to ensure that it remains waterproof and airtight. Then, wrap the plastic bag securely in tin foil in order to make sure that no one can see inside. Put food wrapped in foil in your freezer in order to camouflage the package. Thieves are not going to want to take the time to unwrap every piece of foil in your freezer to see if it truly has food inside.

2. Kid's Room

If you don't want to risk putting your valuables in the freezer, consider putting them in the room where your child spends a lot of time, either his or her bedroom or playroom. Hide the valuables in a hollowed-out copy of a thick children's book, inside a hollow toy, or even shoved inside a teddy bear or other toy that your child never plays with. You could even place the documents or valuables in a padded envelope and put them at the bottom of your child's toy chest or under your child's bed. Thieves are not particularly keen on going through children's rooms because they usually don't have anything of worth inside of them.

For more information, talk to a locksmith. He or she might have some temporary valuable storage options that will be more budget-friendly than a full safe.