Do You Have Professionals Come Over Often? Get New Locks For Better Security

Some homeowners only have people over when they know an adult is at home. However, some people are also perfectly fine with having house cleaners, pet sitters, babysitters, electricians, handymen, and other professionals come over when they are not home by simply giving them a key to the house. If you have some of these people providing services on a regular basis, you should improve your property's security by installing new locks that allow you to control access to specific parts of your home.

Certain Rooms

For people who do not need to have access to some rooms in your home, such as a pet sitter or babysitter, you should install locks on bathrooms, offices, bedrooms, and other rooms that are not being used. You can even keep people from going into your garage by having locks on both sides of the door. This will keep you from feeling the need to put away any valuables that may be out in the open before someone comes over. You should expect to pay around $120 to $220 in labor costs to install four new locks in the house.


It is common for people to invest thousands of dollars into kitchen supplies. Although it may seem like a strange thing for someone to go through when visiting your home, you can enjoy guaranteed protection by getting locks installed for some or all cabinets in the kitchen. It is even helpful to extend these new locks to other cabinets, which you can find in armoires, television stands, and side tables.


If you have a mail slot where you receive your mail, it is not likely to be protected as it is. This means that your mail may be on the floor when a professional enters through the door. This may make you feel a little uncomfortable by not having a safe, dedicated place for packages to go. Fortunately, you can install a mail slot that is large enough for mail carriers to put packages inside. The only thing you need to worry about is making sure the door slot is USPS-approved, which requires a 1.5" x 7" opening at least 30" above the floor.

Installing new locks all throughout your home is mainly about making yourself feel better about having professionals come over when you are not around. It may even give you the confidence to allow people inside without your presence when you may not have felt good enough to do it before. For more information, talk to a professional like ND Security Company.