4 Options For Improving Your Commercial Locks

Whether you have expensive equipment or are protecting important data, it's very likely that your business puts physical security at a premium. Simple locks and deadbolts can often be drilled, kicked in, or simply picked -- but locksmiths today have a lot of interesting new options that you can use to improve your security. Here are a few of the top features that you can add to your current commercial system.

1. Smart Locks

Smart locks are locks that can be controlled through the Internet -- often with mobile devices such as smartphones. One of the major advantages of a smart lock is that a business owner can check to make sure that the lock is engaged when they're away from the office. Smart locks can even alert a business owner or manager that they haven't been engaged on time or engage at scheduled periods of time. They can usually be overridden by manual keys.

2. Pass Code Locks

Pass codes are both more convenient for employees and more secure; instead of having to use a key to get into the office, employees can use a pass code that regularly changes. However, regularly changing the pass code is essential for security -- a pass code lock that never changes will quickly become vulnerable to former employees and anyone else who knows the code.

3. Automatic Locks

Automatic locks are one of the best solutions for employers who find that their employees rarely remember to lock the office. It's also a good idea for commercial properties that are frequently vacant. An automatic lock will keep the door locked whenever the door is closed; a key will always be needed to open the door. The only downside is that this solution isn't usually viable for businesses that have a lot of traffic.

4. Electronic Locks

Electronic locks come in many varieties now. The most popular use chips or key cards to enter into the office. This adds another layer of security -- it shows who is entering and exiting the building rather than just when. Electronic locks are an excellent way to track when employees come and go.

Locks are the best way for an office to secure itself -- even digitally. All the digital security in the world can't help an office if an intruder physically takes their server. A local lock contractor or locksmith like Auto Unlock will have more information about what is available in an area and which types of locks are likely to function best for a specific office.