A Quick Landlord's Guide To ADA Compliant Hardware

As a landlord, it's important for you to make your property available to renters from all sorts of walks of life. One essential way to work towards this goal is to equip each door in the property with ADA hardware. If you are unsure what this hardware looks like, here is a quick guide to bring you up to speed to ensure your property is available to everyone.

Door Weight

Walk through the property and test the weight of each door by gently pushing it open. By ADA compliance standards, a door must be within a specific weight range. If you cannot open the door by pushing it forward with a single hand, there is a good chance that the weight of the door is not within this compliance standard. This rule is in place for both interior and exterior doors. 

The idea behind this guideline is that a person using an assistive aid, such as a walker or wheelchair, should be able to relatively easily open the door with a single hand. 

Handle Style

You should keep the same concept in mind when it comes to the type of handle that you install on each door, as ADA compliance standards require that the handle on the door also be operable with a single hand for the same reasons. 

For this reason, traditional knobs are not within the standard, as they require a person to use an increased amount of force to grip, twist, and sometimes push the knob at the same time. A lever-style handle is generally the better solution, as it's easy to rotate the lever up and down easily with one hand. 

Closer Speed

If any of the doors within your property have a closer installed on them, you probably need to have them adjusted. Closers can be compliant, but only if they close the door slow enough. 

For someone in a wheelchair, another assisted device, or with mobility limitations, a door that closes too slowly could knock the individual over. In order to be compliant, the door closer must operate slowly enough for the individual to make it through the doorway with ease.

If you need to equip your rental property with ADA-compliant hardware, it's a good idea to speak with a locksmith professional. From helping you select the appropriate hardware to the installation process, one of these professionals can provide you with the assistance you need.