Enhance The Security Of Your Commercial Property With Upgrades

Do you own a business? If so, you may have concerns about security. Perhaps you have disgruntled employees, or maybe it has been a while since you got your locks changed. There are a number of vulnerabilities that businesses have. Sometimes a false sense of security can cause a business owner to think that their business is not at risk especially if there has never been a break-in. It is important to note that some business owners have employees who steal from them. With all of the combined potential threats, it is worth taking time to address the security measures you have in place to determine if you could improve. The following points represent a few things you can do to make your business more secure.

Replace Keys with Card Access

One way to curb in-house theft or limit access to certain areas is to opt for a card access system. The system will require the use of cards instead of keys. Each employee will receive their own card. The cards can be programmed based on areas that you would like restricted. For example, you might only want certain staff members to be able to enter your office. Although other employees would have cards, their cards would not work for your office door because of programming. Each time a card is used, the data is transmitted and stored. This will allow you to be able to go back and review who accessed which areas and when. Card access is ideal because if an employee quits or gets fired, you can deactivate the card rendering it useless. It eliminates the need to try to get keys back.

Get Rekey Services and Do Not Duplicate Keys

If your budget does not permit you to upgrade to card access or a similar system, consider getting the locks on your doors rekeyed. If they are older locks, consider a lock upgrade. Both of these options will give you the chance to start over without worrying about missing keys. Get keys for the new locks engraved with a "Do Not Duplicate" message on them. This will discourage employees from making spare keys. If you choose this option, it is wise to limit the number of employees who have keys because there is still a risk of a key not getting returned as well as lost keys.

A commercial locksmith is a good resource to use to determine if your business has some security concerns that need to be addressed. They can assist with a variety of security concerns that extend beyond the realm of changing locks. 

Reach out to a commercial locksmith service to learn more.