Common Commercial Lock Repairs: Ensuring Security And Functionality

Commercial lock systems are essential in securing businesses and protecting valuable assets. However, with regular use, these security mechanisms can malfunction or wear out, necessitating repairs or replacements. Here's an overview of some of the common commercial lock repairs that are needed when these wear out.

Key Cutting and Duplication

Over time, keys can get worn out, making it difficult to operate the locks they were designed for. In such cases, key cutting and duplication is a common repair service. Specialized locksmiths use precision tools to create exact replicas of original keys, ensuring smooth operation of the lock mechanism.

Lock Rekeying

Lock rekeying involves changing the lock mechanism so that the old key no longer operates it, and a new key is needed. This is a common repair service often utilized when businesses want to ensure security following a key loss, after a break-in, or when changing personnel who had access to the keys.

Lock Replacement and Installation

When a lock is beyond repair or has become obsolete, lock replacement becomes necessary. Commercial locksmiths can provide a range of high-security lock systems suitable for various businesses. Additionally, they ensure correct installation, which is key to maintaining the effectiveness of these security systems.

Electronic Access Control Repairs

With the increasing use of electronic access control systems in businesses, locksmiths have adapted to include these systems in their repair services. These repairs can range from fixing faulty wiring to replacing worn-out keypads and even reprogramming the system in case of glitches.

Emergency Lockout Services

One of the most requested commercial lock repair services is emergency lockout service. When employees lose keys or electronic access systems malfunction, it can result in a lockout situation. Professional locksmiths provide quick response services to resolve these situations, reducing downtime and maintaining business operations.

Safe and Vault Repairs

Safes and vaults are integral to many businesses for storing sensitive documents, cash, and other valuables. Over time, these may require repairs due to wear and tear, forgotten combinations, or mechanical failures. Expert locksmiths can perform necessary repairs and restorations, ensuring the security of important business assets.

Master Key System Repairs

Another common commercial lock repair pertains to master key systems. These systems provide the benefit of hierarchical access, allowing different levels of access to various parts of a business premises. However, over time, these systems can encounter issues such as damage to the master key, complications with individual locks, or problems in the keying system itself.

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